Art Kewin

D. Art Kewin

M.A. (Psych.), J.D., CFP, CFLM, CDFA
Family Lawyer & Certified Financial Planner



Ruth Kewin

Ruth Kewin

B.A. (Psych), B. Ed
Divorce & Life Coach





Art Kewin's primary focus and responsibility at is to protect client assets–personal, business and financial–when they move on from, or enter into, spousal relationships. Art brings over 30 years of experience in law, psychology and financial planning to this role.

As a senior family lawyer and a Certified Financial Planner™, Art is uniquely qualified for this responsibility. He was a trial lawyer for all manner of civil disputes between 1982 and 2000, and then dedicated his practice exclusively to Alternative Dispute Resolution processes as a mediator, arbitrator and collaborative lawyer.

Before practicing law Art served in the New Zealand military, (Captain (Rtd) RNZAEC), as an organizational psychologist.

Art and his family share their passions for snowboarding and bicycling for fitness and adventure. However motorcycling, whether around North America or along the logging roads of the Pacific Northwest, remains his own irrational exuberance.

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Helping clients access specifically what they need, avoid the roadblocks, move through the separation and divorce process effectively, and get what they want is the primary focus of Ruth's divorce coaching

Ruth brings a rich background of work, business and life experience to Divorce Coaching. This includes professional experience as a counselor, social worker, educator and businesswoman in both public and private sectors. These experiences over 35 years have given her a first-hand view of what goes on in the courts, families and in individual lives as they face the challenges of separation and divorce.

Ruth holds degrees in Psychology and Education.
She brings to her coaching practice, training and experience in mediation, alternative dispute resolution, facilitation and adult education.

Ruth is committed to helping clients find options that allow them to honor their values, divorce with dignity and move on.